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At North Jersey Orthopaedic Institute (NJOI), we pride ourselves in delivering the best patient care and experience possible. See what some of our patients had to say about our comprehensive practice.

Michael Salerno

Today my son had an appointment with Dr. Benevenia and had a great experience. He was very warm and caring, answered all my questions, and put my concerns at ease. Great staff also, very professional.

Donell Sharpe

Dr. Benevenia was a great Dr and person. Made me very comfortable going into surgery. Great bedside manner. Cares about people! Was highly recommended to me, and I would highly recommend him to others.

Patrick Franklin Liggins III

In 2015, I suffered a devastating injury on my left knee due to sports. Dr. Osula, my surgeon made a beautiful straight incision and took me through all steps of the healing process. She made me feel comfortable and confident to get back on the court.

Lorie and Michael Bonnick

The Bonnick family celebrates every day for having met and trusted the health and future of our son Jacob to Dr. Sabharwal and his amazing staff. Jacob had surgery before for the same diagnosis when he was 5 years old at a prominent bone specialist hospital in New York City. The experience was terrible, the surgery was flawed, and the condition soon returned much more severe a few years later.


Jacobs condition had worsened and seemed to deteriorate even more each day. We conducted extensive research and met, interviewed with several orthopedic surgeons, as we pursued better alternatives for Jacob. We sought for a surgeon with proven experience, knowledge, caring, communicative, respectful, and someone we could trust. We found all of these qualities and more in Dr. Sabharwal from the beginning to the end. He was consistently encouraging and informative of the sometimes-complicated process of restoring someone with the diagnosis my son had. We were never isolated, felt left out or overwhelmed during the entire experience. It was a beautiful partnership between doctor, staff, and family to restore the health of our son.


Our son is now living normal and has the ability to play sports without any obvious defects, no limps or awkward ability. That is why the name Sabharwal means family in our home.


[We are] forever grateful to Dr. Sabharwal and his staff.

Vera Cunha

Dr. Osula was the third physician we consulted with. My son Brandon had knee pain for close to two years. Previous doctors diagnosed it as “runner’s knee” and recommended physical therapy. Then, we decided to see Dr. Osula. From the very first moment, Dr. Osula was a knowledgeable doctor who listened to our concerns.


Next, her tremendous expertise was demonstrated. Dr. Osula diagnosed and completed knee surgery on Brandon. Within two weeks after surgery my son was a new person. He was pain-free and mobile. It has been about three months since his surgery. He has no pain or limitations. Dr. Osula is a very special person as well as an excellent physician. I highly recommend her for orthopedic issues, especially knee-related conditions. We are fortunate and grateful to have found Dr. Osula.


Dr. Sirkin and his entire staff are thorough, informative, friendly, knowledgeable and, most importantly, compassionate. I am so grateful to have found such a competent doctor and an equally competent staff. They made a difficult circumstance easy to handle.


My daughter Amandalis Lopez was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at a week old, and I became very stressed but Dr. Edorbor-Osula told me everything was going to be okay, and it was. She was very professional and caring. My daughter is now 3 months old, and she is fine, and hips are normal. Thanks, Dr. Edorbor-Osula. We love you.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Patterson for over 10 years and could not imagine a better orthopedic surgeon. He is extremely talented, compassionate, and innovative, and he truly personalizes his orthopedic solutions to my unique medical conditions. He is patient, confident, and calm with a gentle bedside manner. I’ve always been able to talk openly with Dr. Patterson about any questions or concerns, and his answers are always honest and detailed. I never worry, as I know I’m in the best hands possible. After all… his innovative approach to restoring mobility gave me the gift of walking again! Moreover, his clearly evident passion for orthopedics and the dedication he shows towards helping his patients was so striking to me from the start of seeing him, eventually inspiring me to follow a career path in the orthopedic industry.


In July 2000, Dr. Patterson gave me my life back. He removed a sarcoma from my left thigh and by using limb-sparing techniques, saved my left leg. By doing this, I was back downhill and cross country skiing that fall and was able to pass a grueling test to become a ski instructor. Since my first meeting with Dr. Patterson in April 2000 when he diagnosed me with cancer, he has continued to show interest in my condition and health issues. In my opinion, Dr. Patterson is not only a skilled surgeon but also a compassionate man!


I have no complaints about Dr. Ahmed. He really helped me so much with my right elbow. He is an excellent doctor. Dr. Ahmed is a special doctor to me.

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