What Are Our Patients Saying?

At North Jersey Orthopaedic Institute (NJOI), we pride ourselves in delivering the best patient care and experience possible. See what some of our patients had to say about our comprehensive practice.

R Saunders

My son, who is now 16 has had a few sports injuries. It took some time to find a good orthopaedic surgeon, but finally we found Dr. Osula. Dr. Osula is knowledgeable and she is great with kids. Dr. Osula AND her office staff take the time to answer all of your questions. All I can say is make whatever personal scheduling adjustments necessary to get an appointment with this doctor. There is none better!

Margaret Gillette

My first impression was a very good feeling. Dr. Reilly’s PA Jaimie is a very compassionate PA. She made me very comfortable and is very friendly and speaks on my level. Dr. Reilly has an excellent bed side manner. He is a very thorough doctor. He was very convincing. I picked an excellent surgeon. I’m sure I will be in good hands for my full hip replacement. He made me feel relaxed and confident that he will do a great job. Looking forward to having no pain.

Dr. Mostello is an amazing physician. He has an excellent bedside manner and takes his time explaining the issues. He made me feel important by including my feelings in the future plans of my care. Jenna Cardino is very considerate with understanding my busy schedule and Rosa Torres, the medical assistant, was very efficient with triage.

John Samuel

Dr. Galdi is a very nice person. He is a professional surgeon in his field and explains everything very clear all the options available to make your pain go away. I highly recommend Dr. Galdi to anyone who needs orthopaedic surgery.

Patrick White

It is a shame to see that a clerical error has caused someone to rate Dr. Adams based off a mistake that he did not even make… Anyway, I honestly have never had a better doctor in my life. I had a very serious leg injury and Dr. Adams spent the time and effort to go over my XRays and MRI to explain not only the issues and how he planned to fix them, but WHY certain bones needed to be corrected. He also did so in a manner which I, with no medical background, was able to understand. The surgeries went smoothly, and I was even out same day for my final operation. Follow up visits are the same as well. He takes the time to explain the healing process and how and why things are lining up. I really cannot recommend Dr. Adams enough if you find yourself in need of a trauma surgeon. 5 starts all the way.

Liz Brown

Dr. Osula is an expert in the field of orthopaedics and she really cares about her patients and their families. She brought my son back from very severe injuries and he is thriving because of her.

Dr. Osula is the best doctor I’ve ever had. She has an amazing personality and is easy to talk to. As someone who deals with severe anxiety, I feel very comfortable with her. She is patient and does a great job explaining everything. She’s the best!

Brandon Andrade

Dr. Osula is the best surgeon around. She allowed me to continue my soccer career without feeling any pain. Thank you.

Meet Patel

Dr. Galdi performed two surgeries with one on my ACL and another on my meniscus in 2018/2019. Both went very well without any complications and I feel pretty good right now about 9 months out from the last surgery. Going to pre op and post op visits was very easy, I didn’t have to wait too long, and he was always a blast to talk to. He is insanely nice, always tells you all the options available as well as his professional opinion, and knows what he is doing both in and out of the OR. That’s what I look for in a doctor and he checked all the boxes.

Jose Troncoso

Dr. Sirkin is an amazing doctor. I felt super confident that all was going to be fine. Thank you for everything.

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