Trauma Fellowship Responsibilities

Expectation: Trauma fellow is expected to transition from a chief resident to a junior attending as the year progresses.



  • Role: consultant for chief resident. Chief resident is responsible for running the team.
    • Questions and concerning problems should be discussed prior to Morning Report Conference.
  • Fellow should see appropriate patients prior to Morning Report Conference.


  • 7 days per month (One weekday per week, one weekend per month)
  • On call with trauma faculty only.
  • Fellow on call with a junior resident (consult resident), and a supervising senior resident on weekdays. Fellow on call with two junior residents on weekends (consult resident and operating room assistant).
  • Fellow is expected to be present for all emergent cases on call, and to see all patients admitted from call. Fellow also expected to be a resource to the senior resident for questions about patients.


  • Fellow Clinic every other Friday. Supervised by trauma attending.
    • Appropriate patients to be scheduled for Fellow Clinic:
      • Preoperative evaluations of nonunions, malunions, osteomyelitis, etc
      • Select complicated postoperative patients

Operating room

  • Trauma fellow expected to be prepared for cases and submit preoperative plans when appropriate. Five postoperative learning points also to be submitted via email afterward.
  • Fellow involvement in the cases will transition as the year progresses from first assistant to junior attending.
  • In cases where attending is not scrubbed, expected to lead the resident through the operation with faculty supervision


Expectation: to educate the residents and medical students in formal settings, such as during academic time, and informal (the operating room, etc).

  • Didactics: will provide one hour-long lecture on a trauma topic.
  • Tutorials: will educate residents in hour-long sessions based on OKU assigned reading several times per year in a small group setting.
  • Journal Club: Responsible for assigning articles on trauma topics to residents on trauma service. Monthly Journal Club will be on a Wednesday at 730am.  Fellow will run the journal club with faculty supervision.


One project that is ready for submission for publication in a scientific journal is expected to be completed by the end of the year.