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At North Jersey Orthopaedic Institute (NJOI), we pride ourselves in delivering the best patient care and experience possible. See what some of our patients had to say about our comprehensive practice.

DSC_6011 (2)I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at 17yrs old. As a senior in high school I was looking forward to graduation, prom and deciding on college. All of a sudden, all these things were no longer important.

            My first reaction was “I was too young, I thought cancer only happens to old people.” Looking around me at the time, I was one of the oldest people at the clinic, most of the other patients were much younger (2-13yrs old). That made me realize how blessed I am to have lived and laugh for the first 17yrs of my life. I believed this diagnosis was a disappointment but I refused to let that destroy my many pending blessings.

I believe my cancer outcome is based on my spiritual beliefs, my support system and my team of doctors. At the time I was diagnosed, my tumor was well advanced and metastasized to part of my lungs. The doctors were not too sure about my prognosis either. All we had was faith and belief to trust God to guide my doctors. The treatment was a long journey, lots of crying and ups and downs. The only constant was the support of my family.

My appreciation to Dr. Brenda Sison, my oncologist, and the United hospital “Valeria fund cancer clinic” nurses and staff for all their support and hard work in putting together the right treatment plan; Dr. Joseph Benevenia, my surgeon, and the rest of the surgical team for their meticulous hard work in removing all the tumors. Despite some setbacks, Dr. Benevenia’s persistence and goal for perfection saved my leg and my life, I will forever be grateful.

Here we are 25yrs later, still cancer free (I can’t believe I am cured) and I am still hoping for a longer recovery to enjoy my 3 girls and watch them grow into beautiful women.

Luis Arteaga

God may bless your hands. My life before surgery was filled of pain and sadness but thanks to the hands of Dr. Vives my life changed completely. I cannot thank you enough for your quality of care, professionalism and concern that was demonstrated by all of the staff. Anyone reading this, I highly recommend Dr. M. Vives, he will not disappoint you.

Gilberto Perez

Yo Gilberto Perez, certifcio por este medio qué el Doctor Vives me opero de la espinal. Creo que fue una bendición de Dios porque él me salvó la vida. Qué el me salud la vida cada dia me siento major gracia a su tratamiento y recomendación.

I Gilberto Perez certify that Dr. Michael Vives performed my spinal surgery. I feel it was a blessing from God because he saved my life. Each and every day I feel better. I thank him for the treatment he’s given me.

Margaret Campbell

I was diagnosed with sarcoma in 1994. I had a recurrence in 2000. I had two more recurrences in 2015, where I met Dr. Beebe in the emergency room for another condition. She found the recurrence of my sarcoma and has been treating me ever since. She is a phenomenal doctor and she saved my life.

Vicko Fabris

[Dr. Benevenia] Nice, calm, and collected manner of presentation of the findings. Very reassuring and encouraging. Concerned for the patients’ well-being in post operation stages of treatment.

Michael Salerno

Today my son had an appointment with Dr. Benevenia and had a great experience. He was very warm and caring, answered all my questions, and put my concerns at ease. Great staff also, very professional.

Donell Sharpe

Dr. Benevenia was a great Dr and person. Made me very comfortable going into surgery. Great bedside manner. Cares about people! Was highly recommended to me, and I would highly recommend him to others.

Patrick Franklin Liggins III

In 2015, I suffered a devastating injury on my left knee due to sports. Dr. Osula, my surgeon made a beautiful straight incision and took me through all steps of the healing process. She made me feel comfortable and confident to get back on the court.

Lorie and Michael Bonnick

The Bonnick family celebrates every day for having met and trusted the health and future of our son Jacob to Dr. Sabharwal and his amazing staff. Jacob had surgery before for the same diagnosis when he was 5 years old at a prominent bone specialist hospital in New York City. The experience was terrible, the surgery was flawed, and the condition soon returned much more severe a few years later.


Jacobs condition had worsened and seemed to deteriorate even more each day. We conducted extensive research and met, interviewed with several orthopedic surgeons, as we pursued better alternatives for Jacob. We sought for a surgeon with proven experience, knowledge, caring, communicative, respectful, and someone we could trust. We found all of these qualities and more in Dr. Sabharwal from the beginning to the end. He was consistently encouraging and informative of the sometimes-complicated process of restoring someone with the diagnosis my son had. We were never isolated, felt left out or overwhelmed during the entire experience. It was a beautiful partnership between doctor, staff, and family to restore the health of our son.


Our son is now living normal and has the ability to play sports without any obvious defects, no limps or awkward ability. That is why the name Sabharwal means family in our home.


[We are] forever grateful to Dr. Sabharwal and his staff.

Vera Cunha

Dr. Osula was the third physician we consulted with. My son Brandon had knee pain for close to two years. Previous doctors diagnosed it as “runner’s knee” and recommended physical therapy. Then, we decided to see Dr. Osula. From the very first moment, Dr. Osula was a knowledgeable doctor who listened to our concerns.


Next, her tremendous expertise was demonstrated. Dr. Osula diagnosed and completed knee surgery on Brandon. Within two weeks after surgery my son was a new person. He was pain-free and mobile. It has been about three months since his surgery. He has no pain or limitations. Dr. Osula is a very special person as well as an excellent physician. I highly recommend her for orthopedic issues, especially knee-related conditions. We are fortunate and grateful to have found Dr. Osula.

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